Its Showcase time!

All the children have worked hard to prepare a Summer Showcase performance. They have been learning song, lines and actions. It was superb.

Well done everyone.

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We went to White Post Farm

”It rained!!’ – William H

‘We saw some cows’ – Mani

‘We saw a baby deer” – Katherine

‘I held a baby chick’ – Wania

‘I said cluck cluck to a bird and the bird said cluck cluck back to me!’ Aman

And…. The Tortoise did a wee on Rishi!!

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Traditional tales.

This week we have been reading Goldilocks and the three Bears. We have written letters to the three Bears from Goldilocks, made story maps and made ‘bear’ masks.

We also made cheese and cress sandwiches with the cress we grew last week. “It was the best,” Wania.

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Plants plants glorious plant.

Our first week back has seen us looking at plants. We have found out what seeds need to grow, and how to look after plants. We have planted cress and written a set of instruction on how we did it. We have also up- cycled old plastic bottles into plant pots with faces. Finally we have examined our cress seeds and plants under magnifying glasses.

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Beatfeet extravaganza

All of EYFS took part in a drumming workshop.

” I played drums”, Taha.

“it was really good”, Katherine and Yousef.

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Construction week – Lego-tastic!

“It’s so exciting! ”  The Lego man came to school armed with bags and bags full of Lego.  EYFS children join Year 1 for the morning with the aim to create a Lego City. The children were shown how to build house walls and roofs. The children built all types of buildings and modes of transport for the city. “It’s awesome” “look at mine.” At the end of the afternoon, after Yr2  & 3 had been to build they were all able to view the terrific Lego City.

























We have also had a day of up-cycling. Here are our milk container elephants and plant pots and some scrap metal wind chimes.

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In the jungle…

This week, we have enjoyed imaging what we might see on a walk through the jungle! We have learnt a jungle poem and created fantastic artwork inspired by exotic creatures. Please look out for our fantastic efforts on display in the classrooms!…

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Making bird feeders

In Reception, we have enjoyed a super start to our ‘All Creatures Great & Small’ topic! We have created handprint zoo animals and have spent an afternoon creating bird cakes ready to hang in our outdoor area. We really hope they give us chance to spot lots of springtime birds!

Here we are when the bird cakes were a work in progress…

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Cake Making!

Here we are making some Easter nest cakes in Reception this week.

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Funky footwear!

Today was Red Nose Day and to raise money we wore our own funky socks or tights.

Can you guess whose feet are whose?

Funky footwear

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